The Dog Teacher - Candy Sullivan

Professional Dog Behaviourist and Trainer
        'one paw at a time'     

Most of us view our dogs as treasured family  members and lots of dogs see their owners as a secure base , similar to the relationship between an infant and their parent.    But dogs know that humans and dogs smell different , look different and behave differently.    When they interact with you, they know that you're not a furless, two-legged version of them.   The fact is that your dog may understand the pet -human dynamic better than you realise.   

Would you like to know how to interact with your dog towards a more harmonious life together?

If you've got a young puppy, then this is the perfect time to learn how they think, what they need, why they behave the way they do, how much sleep they need  and how to set a routine which works for you and your dog.   Ingrain those good habits now!  

And when puppies become an adolescent at around five to six months of age, depending on size and breed, life can become quite challenging .  All dogs have different temperaments and some may temporarily go off the rails, some may become more anxious than usual and some may remain steady and easy going.   This won't last forever but you may need some support during this potentially tricky developmental phase.    

Adult dogs may develop behaviour problems which need addressing with a bespoke training programme.   Unwanted behaviours such as nipping, biting, barking, resource guarding etc can be helped with consistency and careful training.

I do believe that by using the correct body language, signals and commands which your dog will understand, your dog will be able to better connect with you and therefore a stronger bond between you both can be established.   What will follow should be harmony and the making of happy memories.



Billed monthly

puppy training and advice

-how to gently familiarise your puppy with it's environment
- puppy information pack
- puppy goodie bag
- 4 training sessions, 45 mins each
support for 12 weeks via email or Whatsapp



Billed monthly

1 hour, 30 mins
help addressing a number of issues in your home that your dog is struggling with

- reactivity
- anxiety
- focus
- impulse control
- excessive barking
- resource guarding
- jumping up


£75 or
£210 for 3 

Billed annually

1 hour session
basic obedience for a
well- behaved and happy dog

- sit
- down
- stay
- leave it
- loose lead walking
 - recall

 I have enjoyed owning and training dogs for many years, in my own family home environment and supporting others with their own dogs.  I have practiced agility with my own dog and reached a competitive level with him.  Agility relies on controlled, well timed commands through body movements, voice and pace.  I found it interesting to notice that dogs will look at their handler's body language constantly, so perhaps we should listen to our dogs body language too and try to understand what they are feeling and trying to tell us.   When incorporating this in their training and everyday handling, along with clear commands, we create a strong bond with our dogs resulting in settled, well behaved and happier family pets, who see you as their  friend, and they will want to listen to you ....... whilst still being their best friend.
My approach, towards dogs behaviour, is through holistic positive reinforcement, consistency, establishing a routine, and above all, patience and staying calm.

My other passion is teaching Pilates, of which I have been qualified since 2004 and am fortunate to have a beautiful  studio at home where I see clients.   I have found that having a deep understanding of how the human body moves and breathes (or doesn't breathe),  carries tension and stress in the muscles, could have an effect on our dog's behaviour and how they relate to us.   

 Your Teacher -  Candy


Sleepy Puppy
(a young puppy can sleep for 18-20 hours.  Factor regular naps into your puppy's routine. otherwise you may experience unwanted behaviour)

Enjoying the View 
(I wonder what he's thinking.  Allow your dog to take in and process the environment)

Seaside Fun
(make time to play and enjoy your dog.  Walks on the beach are a pleasure and a healthy day out for all)

Gentle Exposure
(so important for puppies to learn about, and experience their surroundings from a young age)

(daily training, just don't overdo it.  A little every day and always set them up for success)

(bond with your dog and you'll have his attention)

(Living his best life abroad. Rocky moved to Thailand to be with his owner.  We worked with him to get used to the travel crate and settle in there for periods of time)

The Dog Teacher